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Distinctive approach


Objective: Improve valuation, risk-adjusted growth rate and longer-term investor alignment in this economic environment.

Observation: Company capabilities are tested in an environment.

Approach: To overcome this complication, we applied our strength in the subtle art of complex problem solving to create the:

In a specific situation, appropriate proven practices are delivered though a culture change “wrapper” to foster more sustained change. To engage people this includes:

These lead to an emphasis on:







Outcome acceleration


Growth and environment Analysis


Value creation cycle management – distinctive emphasis on shaping business models to be able to more safety seize opportunity


Business model improvement – For more sustainable value creation

Enterprise-wide management of risk to performance objectives

Capital allocation improvement
To improve growth, distinctively emphasizes more risk-aware return considerations in corporate investment evaluation processes
Value delivery improvement
To improve corporate valuation, emphasizes refinement in 3 links between growth strategy and execution

Growth performance measurement improvement


Outcome acceleration delivery


















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